[UPDATED – JUNE 2015] The HY-DIV268N-5A Stepper Driver and GRBL – TB6600

UPDATE [JUNE 2015]: Sorry about the confusion this post has caused many people – It has been a miss match of the old post and the new post so I am currently rewriting the whole lot again! There us a great thread here on cnczone

UPDATE: I now have this working! I have attached a video of this working at the bottom of the page – I have also changed the micro stepping table and updated it to what I have found.

My CNC build is coming along just fine, things are going a bit wrong but I’m learning and solving problems as I go.

My Y axis is powered by 2 stepper motors, one on each side. I chose this because it’s 1m wide so this keeps its parallel instead of it sagging behind one side. My problem with this is getting enough power to both stepper motors. I’ve chose to use really high current stepper motors on this build as their holding torque is a lot higher than other stepper motors I have used.

I started off with stepper motors using the big easy driver. I’ve always used this for driving steppers and never had a problem. The only reason I haven’t used them for the CNC is purely because they can’t provide enough current! That’s their only downfall! (there are others but I won’t get onto it here) I then moved onto another driver which is when I discovered the great Arduino CNC Shield that was available on ebay for a few pounds. This was a lot cheaper than the gshield and the tinyg board.

This used the A4988 driver which is good and the DRV8825 drivers pop right in as well! this is okay because if I blow a stepper driver I can just pop it out and pop another one in. This is perfect. The drivers also pump out a lot of current. This would be it but I like a challenge and I wanted to try something new.

Someone once mentioned getting an all in one windows CNC board thing on ebay, it came with the drivers and CNC control board along with a remote for the controller and a few other bits. I liked it but I run on OS X mainly and Linux on the raspberry pi that will be running the CNC permanently so this was out the question as I didn’t want to build a windows machine just for this! I have seen these driven by GRBL from an Arduino but I didn’t want to get into using two controllers as it opens up a world of things that could be going wrong.

I did like the look of the drivers that came in these packages – the HY-DIV268N-5A (TB6600) – they can pump a lot of current out and support up to 1/16th micro stepping. They run on the TB6600 by Toshiba inside and are relativly cheap on eBay if you dont mind getting them from China and waiting for the delivery.

Mine came from China obviously so I had plenty of time to look into this driver before I got started with it. First I started off by looking up how to wire my CNC Shield to the driver module. This is pretty simple. Only thing to note is STEP is not known as STEP on this driver – it is labeled PUL +.

I created this diagram to help me get this wired. I wont know until I have chance to hook this up at some point this week.


This looks like it should work – as long as I match the B1 and B2 to B+ and B- etc on the motor. It looks like it makes sense. (to me anyway).

I noticed whilst browsing on forums there seems to be a bit of discussion on the printed micro stepping table on the top of the top of the unit being wrong. I haven’t tested this but after browsing for hours on the internet I have compiled this table that seems to match what other people are finding with this driver.


1/2 ‘B’ ON ON OFF
1/16 OFF ON ON

Here is the original top of the unit with the ‘bad’ table on top:

2015-02-18 13.47.19

NG and NC stand for non operational or standby mode.

To set these there is a 6 pin dip switch on the side of the unit. The first three pins relate to the current and the last three pins relate to the micro stepping settings. To turn it on you pull the switch down.

I have to admit I have read a few bad things about these drivers – especially over at Planet CNC but I’m willing to give them a go – for £9 I’m not loosing anything! I did there see the M542H stepper driver which looks similar to the DIV268N driver but the cheapest I can see is £36.19!

As usual I’m going to keep posting updates as I go along – hopefully one tonight to test to see if I can actually get a motor or two moving!

Working Video: 1.2A driving at 1/16 micro steps.

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