Shapeoko LED Workpiece Lighting Mod

I recently got hold of a 5M length of 5630 LED strip. This is a really bright white LED strip that can be cut into small lengths or larger lengths and only needs a 12v power supply added – no need for LED drivers. This comes stickybacked and with the option of it being waterproofed in a silicon tube. I chose the non waterproof version. I paid £0.98 for this 5M length but it is no longer availible at this price – I have however found it for £3.77 with free postage from eBay which is still a pretty good deal.

My aim with this is to use it to light the workpiece on my Shapeoko CNC machine. My original plan for this would be to stick it to the underside of the X axis using the sticky strip on the back of the LED strip. This did not work – it’s not very sticky at all and the aluminium MakerSlide length doesn’t get on very well with things being stuck to it. (It seems more non-stick than a teflon frying pan!)

I moved then to routing this LED strip through the 5mm T-Slots in the maker slide. It seems it was made for this!!! It fits perfectly and I’ve even managed to route the cables neatly and out of sight as well. I’m pretty impressed with this modification and how easy it was to do. I say it was easy – it meant completely dismatling the Shapeoko CNC, routing the LED’s and cables, rebuilding the CNC then configuring it again to make sure it’s still level.

I have attached some photos of the modification and finished look at this mod. I’m planning on adding this to the Y axis as well to add more even side lighting on the workarea.

2015-02-21 19.09.58 2015-02-21 19.00.05 2015-02-21 18.59.53 2015-02-21 18.59.40 2015-02-21 18.59.13 2015-02-21 16.42.19 2015-02-21 16.42.09 2015-02-21 16.42.00 2015-02-21 16.41.49

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