Creating an iPhone Dock

I’ve been working on some designs for an iPhone dock for my desk at work with my new iPhone 6 Plus. This is a big phone and it doesn’t fit in the old cheap dock lying around at work.

I decided I didn’t want another cheap plastic one now I had a CNC at home and wanted something that was a bit better looking on the desk. I did a lot of google searching and pintresting and finally found this nice design:


I liked it. It was simple and had space for a pen, other stuff and with a bit of modification – my phone stood up so I can see the screen still.

I opened up illustrator and did a bit of doodling and came up with this SVG – its the same sizes as the picture, just changed the iPhone slot to allow for the width of the 6 plus’s giant bottom.

I popped open and logged in and got a good visual representation in this cam software before opening up and went about making the final GCode file:

I opened this up in Sublime Text (my favourite text editor) and edited a few things, like the bits of buzzer code that I mentioned in an earlier post.

Popped into Universal GCode Sender and opened the NC file up and used the in software visualiser to make sure the cut paths looked okay.

As soon as the spindle arrives and the CNC mill is set up I will go about cutting this out and giving it ago. I’m even thinking about lining the “stuff” pocket with some sticky back felt just to look abit more posh!

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