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Who am i?

Hello! I’m Oliver Whysall. I'm PHP Web Developer specializing in Wordpress development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.

Services I Provide

Complete custom Wordpress plugin developemnt.

Wordpress theme modification.

Linux server management service



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Laser Cutting Paper

I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks and it’s all for good reason! I’ve been working on my skills creating laser cut paper pieces. This is new to me as I’ve learnt to program gcode for milling but using a 2W laser module is a new concept to me. I’ve been toying with […]

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My CNC Workflow

Wow, the blogs got off to a good start! Seem’s everyones a bit too hesitant to leave comments on posts but I’ve been inundated with email questions about bits and pieces and parts of my setup. One of the main questions I’ve been recieving is how I go about getting an idea from head to […]

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Electronics Enclosure for the CNC – Fitting It All In a Box

Currently all my electronics have just been strewn all over the place with jumpers and all sorts of cut up cables everywhere and I’m now in a bid to tidy this all up. I want to let my girlfriend use the laser setup on the machine when I’m out so it’s going to have to […]

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Shapeoko LED Workpiece Lighting Mod

I recently got hold of a 5M length of 5630 LED strip. This is a really bright white LED strip that can be cut into small lengths or larger lengths and only needs a 12v power supply added – no need for LED drivers. This comes stickybacked and with the option of it being waterproofed […]

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433MHz Arduino Transmitter and Receiver – Communicating Wirelessly

Another day, another project. Again this is slightly to do with the CNC but it’s mainly about me learning about Arduino and getting things to work nicely. I ordered some 433MHz transmitter and receiver modules from China for a few pennies a few months ago. I lost hope of these arriving in all honesty and […]

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[UPDATED – JUNE 2015] The HY-DIV268N-5A Stepper Driver and GRBL – TB6600

UPDATE [JUNE 2015]: Sorry about the confusion this post has caused many people – It has been a miss match of the old post and the new post so I am currently rewriting the whole lot again! There us a great thread here on cnczone UPDATE: I now have this working! I have attached a […]

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